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Classes & Programs



I also provide  aerobic classes in certain gyms, and  stuff classes which means I can come to your work place to give a class to you and your colleagues, just click contact for bookings.


  • weight loss programs 
  • muscle gain programs
  • sports specif training programs
  • event praparation
  • children training
  • toning

Personal training

my personal traing is way too different from all those personal trainers you know from your nearest gym. my provide the best personal training ever, the question that you might ask is why I consider mine as the best? the answer is very simply it’s just because mine is accompanied by scientific reseaches which prove that my training programs work. My  focus is to provide personal training to people where ever they are, to fit or unfit, rich or poor. My personal training is affordable  but and is the best  becuase you reach you goal with the motivation we give to you. To get in to your goal without being shouted at or feel bad about the way you workout register and I am going going to help you.     

home personal training

If you are located around Gauteng South just click contact and book your session and I will come straight to your place to provide the best personal training.


Personal training  For All Fitness Level

Fit or unfit, beginner or advnced I got your back, I provide personal training for your fitness level, I have six weeks challege for weight loss and muscle gain , I call it “don’t cheat challenge” cause you only reach your goal only if you don’t  cheat and stay consitant to the program I give to you. during this challenge I coach you,  give you six weeks eating plan and  demonstrating vidoes.    

Weight Loss

It  starts with a 30 day begginer’s challenge, once you finish with this challenge then I graduete to the six week weight loss challenge that comes with a customized eating plan and the coaching, you probably going to loss 6 to Kgs with these programs, then you can continue with a big ticket package like 3 months, 6 months, 9 months personal training.


You don’t want to gain muscles or you do not want to lose weight but your goal is to stay healthy. I have the best training program for you and I will help you with dos and don’ts. It all start with the 3 months personal training I give with lowest price.

sports specific training and conditioning.

Are you preparing for a big match? or you want to be the best athlete? I can help you with my training programmes and sport nutrition, for every sports code and for every 

muscle gain

I have four weeks lean muscle gain package that comes with customized eating plan and the big  personal tickets which are differentiated into 4 including 3 months personal training, 6 months personal training, 9 months personal training and 12 months personal training.

event preaparion

Are you preparing for a certain event? and you are confused on how you going to do it? do not worry I got your back, I have good training programs that you can use to prepare for your event.


You do not want to lose weight or to gain muscle but you want to be lean, my personal training packages have programs that can help you reach your goal without being confused.

Your First session with nkosifitness

I have wonderful offers in my personal training packages, those offers include discounted months, free sessions and free training programs downloads if you buy big ticket package.

Personal Training

With nkosifitness you can have your personal trainer in you picket because I offer online personal training and you can have your personal in your door cause I can even come to your place only if you are located around Gauteng South or you can come to my work place at Kempton Park Glen acres gym.

physical fitness

 I can help you build your physical fitness in the following factors: aerobic endurance, muscular endurance, flexibility, speed, strength and power.

sports related endurance

I give you muscular endurance and aerobic  endurance within the short period of time.



You get the guidance on healthy lifestyle including healthy eating etc.



“My name is Marissa James, I saw advert about on social media about nkosiftiness just because I really wanted to lose weight I bought the challenge and was so helpful, I managed to lose  7Kgs in 6 weeks, now I working on maintaining my shape, I give thanks to nkosiftness”

Marissa James

“I joined the movement and I have managed to keep my body in shape cause I only wanted to tone and keep my body in shape. I thank Nkosi for helping me, now I am confident enough to say I look sexy.

Jinga Low

 “My name is Siphesihle Matsebula a young adult that got the opportunity to a great experience with Nkosifitness. within just four weeks I managed to reach an amazing goal I couldn’t have by myself, I lost over 5Kgs. it was not a flabby  loss but I maintained my skin to wear in skirts and dresses, I go to fit back into into my jeans and gain some good muscles while doing it. I want to send a huge Thanks to Nkosifitness and his great workout programs for how I am able to continue with a great fitness journey to my better health.”

Siphesihle Matsebula




Gym H0urs

Monday-Friday: 5am – 9pm

Saturday: 6am – 7pm

Sunday: 6am – 1pm

Free 3 sessions with big tickets